S-58 Series

presenting smart offices by series s-58

An organization needs office furniture that allows its people to be productive in an environment, provides comfort and also a space for individual expression. The stylish S-58 series of FORM DESIGN Office System is created with an understanding to meet the demands for an interior that reflects the dynamism and energy of a company. This striking modular series is a sophisticated fusion of form and function. It is stylish, aesthetic and flexible. It is superior in quality and durability. Moreover it gives freedom to configure your office space creatively in multiple ways...simply and innovatively.


FORM DESIGN’s S-58 Series understands the importance of individual privacy. It helps create an ambience that enhances interaction yet respectful of in individual freedom. Its meticulous and innovative design focuses on the human elements of ergonomics, spatial dynamic and work psychology and adds to the feeling of individual space that enhances the working environment.


FORM DESIGN’s S-58 series is designed to inspire flair. It promises versatile use of space, adds dynamism to the work environment and supports productivity. Elements of S-58 series have been designed to reduce the overall dimensions and create spaces that are comfortable. A sense of well-bing, of feeling comfortable and at home in the workplace, significantly improves the quality of our clients working lives.


Developed to be multi-functional for multi tasking Series S-58 creatively optimizes working spaces and efficiency in multiple workstations to accommodate a variety of different functions. Its design options allows multiple and exciting configurations. The options also allow conventional systems such as wire ducts which are tailored for modern equipment and connected directly to peripheral part of desks, such as the backs and corners, so that the wires will be hidden and out of sight.


Running a successful business today means having the flexibility to cope with change. Office furniture that can be reconfigured easily to suit a variety of situations is essential. With FORM DESIGN’s S-58 Series you create a smart executive environment, configure a sophisticated setting for multiple workstations with the thoughtfully designed flexible modular units. It is designed to accommodate such changes. Panels and desks are flexible and easily relocatable to meet future expansion and business re-organisation.


Engineered to deliver long life, precision and consistency. FORM DESIGN’s S-58 Series not only understands the importance of design and aesthetics but also the importance of maintenance free and long lasting office furniture. Committed to deliver the same, each and every furniture piece that comes out of FORM DESIGN uses the best of the raw material, manufacturing and technological support and hardware to deliver long life.

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